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FT-891 HF/50 100W Mobile

680 €

The FT-891 is Yaesus most compact 100W allmode transceiver for shortwave. Due to the small size the radio is perfectly suited for installation in a car, but can be used of course also at home. The front panel is detachable (requires option YSK-891).

The FT-891 supports operation on all shortwave bands from 160 to 10m as well as the 6m band (50 MHz). The transmit power is 100W in SSB/CW and 25W in AM. The supported operating modes are SSB (USB/LSB), CW, AM and FM. The receiver is designed as a triple conversion super heterodyne (FM : double super het) and offers very good results concerning sensitivity and large signal handling. A 3 kHz roofing filter is installed by default, this helps in very good near signal selectivity. A TCXO is also installed by default and offers a frequency stability of ±0.5ppm.

On the IF level the FT-891 is equipped with a powerful 32 bit signal processor (DSP). With this DSP system you do not need to buy costly crystal filters anymore, the IF filter characteristics can be adjusted individually for each mode. The same DSP also supports an effective noise reduction and notch filter functions (automatic and manual). An inheritance from the large desktop transceivers by Yaesu is the ’Contour’ and ’Audio Peak Filter’ (APF) which both greatly help to raise the intelligibility of a signal in most cases.

The ease of use of the transceiver is supported by a large and clear LC display. A large tuning button and a multi function button are used to quickly navigate the menu system for all settings. Three buttons on the front panel can be freely programmed to the users requirements. A multi colour indicator to the side of the display shows the currect state of the transceiver (Squelch status, transmitter status).

Users of digital modes will be glad to hear that the Yaesu FT-891 has a USB interface, as it has become the norm on most newer transceivers nowadays. A normal USB cable is sufficient to get on the air in modes like RTTY, PSK31 or SSTV. Via the USB interface the transceiver behaves towards the computer like a serial device and a sound card, and allows CAT functions and the use of most freely available digimode programs as usual. Besindes the USB socket the FT-891 also offers the usualy Yaesu Tuner/Linear and Data sockets, so you can continue to use existing options with this transceiver. Other connections are available for Remote/ALC, a morse key and an external speaker.

As with many other Yaesu mobile transceivers, the FT-891 also supports the use of the ATAS-120A mobile HF antenna. With this function an automated system for HF communication can be installed very easily in a car or on a boat. The antenna connection is a PL socket, optionally the desktop tuner FC-50 is available for easy tuning of other antennas. The FC-40 tuner fr end fed wires can be used as well. Included in the shipment is a hand microphone MH-31A8J. Optionally the external keypad FH-2 can be connected.

  • Contenu de la livraison
  • FT-891 HF mobile transceiver 100W
  • Hand held microphone MH-31A8J
  • MMB-82 mounting bracket
  • Microphone holder
  • DC power cable with fuses
  • Spare fuses, small parts
  • German user manual, printed