Analyseur HF/50/VHF/UHF

- Prix : 400 €

Compact antenna and HF instrument for shortwave and up to 70cm UHF

The MFJ-266 SWR analyser covers the bands from shortwave, over 4m and FM radio up to 2m VHF and 70cm UHF. The backlit LC display shows frequency, SWR and impedance (real and imaginary parts, absolute magnitude) at the same time. Further the device can measure capacities, inductivities, field strength or frequency, as wel las act as a signal generator. This enables you to perform easily all antenna measurements as well as frequent HF measurements on cables, stubs, filters, baluns etc. Yet the MFJ-266 is easy to operate.

Frequenca ranges The MFJ-266 covers the following frequency ranges :

•A : 1.5 — 2.7 MHz •B : 2.5 — 4.8 MHz •C : 4.6 — 9.6 MHz •D : 8.5 — 18.7 MHz •E : 17.3 — 39 MHz •F : 33.7 — 65 MHz •V : 85 — 185 MHz •U : 300 — 490 MHz The frequency adjustment is done very precisely with varicap tuning, adjusted by a 10x vernier drive. The frequency tuning can be locked against accidental change.

SWR Measurement The SWR measurment covers a range from 1:1 to 9.9:1, impedances from 10 to 500 Ω, displayed are real- and imaginary part (not on UHF !).

Capacity and Inductivity measurement Unknown components like capacitors and inductances can be easily found out with the MFJ-266, the result is shown in pF or µH. The measurement is done at HF frequencies, not low AF frequencies as with some cheap LC meters.

Frequency- and Field Strength Measurement When operating the MFJ-266 as a frequency counter, the device covers frequency of up to 500MHz, the resolution can be selected between 1kHz and 100Hz. In this mode the relative field strength is also displayed, allowing comparative measurements of antennas, oscillators, transmitters etc.

Signal Generator The MFJ-266 can be operated as a signal generator. The is usefil for measurements on filters, mixers or low-power driver stages. The output level is approx. 2Vpp.

Size, Weight, Power Supply The size of the SWR analyser is 95 x 79 x 165mm (WxDxH), the weight is approx. 800g. The power supply is either done by 8 internal AA batteries or externally with 12 V=. Power consumption approx. 30mA in frequency counter mode, or 140mA in analyser mode. The antenna connector is N female, an adaptor to PL is included. The Grip-Dip coils MFJ-66 (see above) can be used with the MFJ-266 as well.